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From Clinic to Bench to Bedside

With the Genetic Study of Immunodeficiency, our lab has collected a large cohort of patients, and used next-generation genomics and transcriptomics to find novel mutations.


We use functional and phenotypical immunological assays and high-throughput microscopy to assess the interactions and dynamics of a healthy and altered immune response.


By studying diseases in (patient-derived) cell and animal models, we gain further understanding of the interconnected pathways affected by a disease.

Disease Models.

In an effort of understanding the mechanism of a immunodeficiency, we hope to find novel targets for drug treatments with both approved and new drugs.

Drug Targets.


We are a multi-disciplinary research laboratory operating at the frontier of pediatric immunology. As a part of the Children's Hospital Zurich, we are close to the intersection between research and clinic. With a long-going, prospective genetic study of immunodeficiency, we have built a large cohort of patients with rare diseases. Through phenotypical tests and functional assays, as well as molecular analyses through imaging, we aim to characterize causes and mechanisms of inborn errors of immunodeficiencies. Functional validation in animal models allows us to further identify and characterise the pathomechanisms of inborn errors of immunity in the hopes of applying targeted treatments.

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