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A warm welcome to our newest member: Nadine Achermann!

2. Mai 2024

Nadine joins our lab as a Master student after joining our lab for the block course BME362 in 2023. Welcome Nadine!

We're excited to announce our newest PhD student, Julius Köppen!

18. März 2024

We warmly welcome Julius, who will start his PhD in our lab! Due to his completed medical education, Julius will be a natural talent at bridging the gap between clinic and research. Glad you're with us Julius!

Danil successfully defended his PhD!

29. Nov. 2023

The subject of his thesis is "Multiplexed Imaging-based Profiling of Immunological Synapses as a Novel Tool for Characterization of Cytotoxicity Defects in Primary Immunodeficiencies". Congratulations Danil!

Joel Häfeli joins the lab for his Master Thesis

17. Sept. 2023

After his first experience in the lab as part of the BME362 block course in 2022, Joel joins the lab for his Master thesis! Joel will be working with Ola Sabet to investigate the role of ZNFX1 in the immune system. Welcome Joel!

A huge welcome to our new PhD student, Junyi Chen

1. Aug. 2023

From the far east at Zhejiang University, Junyi has found his way to our lab. He did his Master thesis on the role of ferroptosis in chronic diseases, and after some work as a research associate in oncology, Junyi now joins us to investigate the immune system. Welcome, Junyi!

Lab Retreat 2023

25. Juni 2023

We took some time off work. Not to relax - or, well, not ONLY to relax - but to think about where the lab is, and where we want it to go. The lovely location of Weggis with a seminar room right next to the lake let our minds bloom and wander. Off to the next year, and the next retreat soon!

We welcome our newest postdoctoral fellow: Tiziana Lorenzini!

1. Nov. 2022

We are excited to announce that Tiziana Lorenzini has joined our lab as a post-doc. Tiziana worked as a medical doctor in Italy, where she found a love for science! She then started her PhD in Roland Martin's lab where she worked on multiple sclerosis. With Tiziana's background in both clinic and science, she will be integrating new clinical findings with scientific research. We're looking forward to having you with us - welcome Tiziana!

Goodbye Steffi - we will miss you!

30. Aug. 2022

Steffi joined our lab in 2019 as a lab manager. Now, she will move on to finish her studies and pursue her dreams outside of the lab. We were incredibly lucky to have such a talented, passionate, and organized lab manager. You were an amazing friend and colleague - and we will all miss you dearly!

API Meeting 2022

15. Mai 2022

The Pachlopnik Lab hosted this years meeting of the Arbeitsgruppe Pädiatrische Immunologie (API) in the beautiful monastery of Kartause Ittingen, Switzerland. We had a packed program with great talks and a memorial for Prof. Walter Hitzig. We thank all the speakers and participants for a wonderful meeting. See you all next year!

Ola Sabet joins the lab!

2. Mai 2022

We're excited to welcome Ola Sabet as senior scientist to the Pachlopnik Lab! Ola has a profound background in imaging, as well as programming and statistical analysis. She has been working as a post-doc in the Pelkmans Lab where she developed a super-resolution microscopy technique, glancing into the depths of cells. She will follow her interests in our lab, too, and work on imaging the immune system. Welcome Ola!

Severin joins the lab!

2. Mai 2022

We welcome the newest member to our lab, Severin Walser! Severin has recently completed his Master's in the Pelkmans Lab, where he tackled the dynamics of mRNA in hiPSCs. With a background in imaging, sequencing, and programming, he will assist our efforts in characterizing genetic and molecular origins of monogenic immune diseases. Welcome Severin!
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