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Drug Targets.

By using the insights previously gained from our omics analyses, functional tests and imaging experiments, we aim to identify potential drug targets for treating immune dysregulation and severe inflammatory complications triggered by viral infections. This process involves screening for molecules or existing drugs in an effort to perturb pathways that modulate immune responses or viral replication. Through target validation studies in cellular and animal models, we are able to study both the pathways involved and also the efficacy of potential drug candidates. This integrated approach aims to accelerate the development of targeted therapies for improving outcomes in patients with inborn errors of immunodeficiency.

Research Projects.

Find out about research projects related to our work on using drugs to modulate and altering the immune response.

Modulating the Immune Response as a Potential Treatment for HLH

Through targeted manipulation of immune cells, we try to modulate the altered immune response of patients with HLH. This work is unpublished at this moment. Stay tuned for more info on this in the coming months!

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