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Joining the Lab.

We  are always looking for highly motivated people who are passionate about immunology and interdisciplinary methodology. Check below to see if there are any open positions or whether you fit the profile.

Bachelor's and Master's students are welcome to join the lab for Master's theses or other research projects. To inquire about possible projects, please reach out to Prof. Jana Pachlopnik Schmid via email. Please include a CV along with a brief description of why you would like to join our lab! For a first hands on experience at the lab during your studies, please also check out our block course BME362 offered at UZH and ETH each fall semester.

PhD students may apply through the Microbiology and Immunology (MIM) Program of the Life Science Graduate School from ETHZ and UZH. Applications are possible during the Winter (December 1st) Summer (July 1st) application periods. Please check the website of the MIM Program for admission requirements, selection process, or other administrative information.Alternatively, you may write an email to Prof. Jana Pachlopnik Schmid to express your interest and inquire about open or upcoming positions. Please include a CV along with a brief letter of motivation.

Postdoctorate candidates with interest in working at the intersection of research and clinic, and a strong background in immunology, genetics, medicine, or imaging are encouraged to apply. Please email Prof. Jana Pachlopnik Schmid your CV, universitary achievements, a letter of motivation, and reference letters from previous positions.

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