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Lars Malmstroem, PhD



Lars was born in Lund, Sweden, and carried out his undergraduate and MSc studies at the Lund Institute of Technology. Then, he moved to Seattle, WA, USA, for doctoral studies in protein structure modeling under David Baker.

A two-year post-doc followed, studying mass spectrometry under the supervision of David Goodlett. He moved to Switzerland in 2008, working as a group leader in the lab of Ruedi Aebersold, studying protein complex combining protein structure modeling and mass spectrometry. In 2014, Lars joined S3IT at the University of Zurich, providing computational support to Life Science researchers.

Lars has been part of the Pachlopnik lab since August of 2021. He is primarily working on identifying single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in patients suffering from immuno-deficiencies and characterizing the role these SNPs play in the disease.

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