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Diana Tintor, MSc

PhD Student


Diana studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zurich from 2013 – 2018, from where she obtained both her Bachelor and Master of Science. She also holds a Swiss federal Diploma for pharmacists. After her studies, Diana joined the lab of Prof. Dario Neri for 1.5 years where she was able to gain valuable knowledge in the field of protein production while working part time as a pharmacist.

Diana joined the Pachlopnik Lab as a PhD student in June 2021. During her PhD, she would like to focus on elucidating the mechanisms underlying the primary immunodeficiencies caused by mutations in CD48 or ZNFX1. Our group has previously reported that mutations in these genes lead to severe diseases in pediatric patients. With her passion for immunology Diana would like to try and improve our understanding of what makes these patients so sick, so we can hopefully improve their treatment for the future.

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